Pupil advocates

Pupil Advocates promote the School‘s values to all in the School community and visitors.   They are pupils that help around the school.  

Please see below for the children who are currently pupil advocates and some details of some of our roles.

Tour guides

  • Show visitors around the School
  • Respond articulately to any questions they have. 

Office Assistants

They assist in the School office  

- Report to School office at 12.40 each day to receive your office jobs which may vary from day to day, including taking messages and ensuring that any

 messages are passed to the teachers

Library Assistants

  Help with organising book shelves;

Recommend books to other pupils;

Encourage a love of reading.

Assembly Assistants

Prepare music and resources for teachers;

Help hand out certificates;

Arrange seating for pupils and parents/carers;

Help with technology.


Pupil Advocates 2017 -18


House Captains:                Brooklands – Daniella and Shane

                                                McLaren -  James and Billy

                                                Lightbox – Mary and Ellis

                                                War of the Worlds – Sophie and Rose


Tour Guides

Ellis, Mary, Angel, Keenan, Mae, Evie, Sudhanshu, James

Office Assistants

Daniella, Archie, Lilly, Henry, Mae, Jayshri, Kajus, Sudhanshu, Shane, Charlie

Library Assistants 

Rose, Abbie, Jacob, Freddie, Keenan, Jayshri, Evie,  Caris


Assembly Assistants

Shane, Julian, Sophie, Kajus