School Council


We have a ‘School Council' which consists of 16 pupils; a boy and a girl, voted in by their peers from Reception to Year 6. This group meets regularly with  Mrs Maynard, the Deputy Head. The school council makes decisions, after consulting with their peers, about changes in our school. Last year, the school council organised charity events, decided on Golden Time activities, adapted homework and collated views from the children in an end of year questionnaire. As a result, each class now has a class reward chart, where classes can earn extra play and even pop-corn and a film and children have less directed homework to allow more time to focus on extra-curricular activities, reading and times tables.

Why do we need School Councils?

For many years all the decisions about children were made by adults. But adults don’t always make the right decisions, sometimes because they haven’t talked to the children about the issue.

By being on the school council the children are able to help the adults in our school make the right decisions for the children and the school.

What is the job of a School Councillor?

  • To go to School Council meetings and take part in discussions
  • To let your class know what was talked about at the meetings
  • To take the ideas and views of your classmates to the Council
  • To be involved in activities that the School Council runs
  • To lead by example - always showing good behaviour to others

School Council 2016-17



Zachery Chambers

Connie Sheppard



Lana Raymond-Sampson

Toby Barr



Bethany Holt

Simon Folarin



Alana Alghamdi

Tommy Chalcraft



Kai Baverstock

Darcy Greenwood



Oscar Higgins

Sophie Smith


Golden Eagles

Hope Goldie

Harry Kendall


Here are the qualities that the School Council decided are important, in order to be an effective Class Representative:


Sharing ideas and explaining

Being creative

Clear speaker



Team Player


 In the first School Council meeting of the year, the class representatives decided on their main aims.

Aims of School Council


  1. Ensure children feel safe
  • Model how to play safely
  • Tidy up equipment on the playground
  • Try to stop bullying
  1. Listen to children’s views
  • Class council
  • Use notice board for information
  • Listening box for teacher
  • Pupil Voice box for school council reps
  • Talk to classmates
  • Regular school council Meetings
  1. Make children happy
  • Buddy bench
  • Play with lots of friends
  • Help teacher with concerns in listening box
  • Stop bullying
  • Act as a buddy on playground
  1. Raise money to buy new things for school
  • PJ day
  • Sponsored events
  • Mufti
  • Organising special events
  • Keep check of money and order things
  1. Make our school more eco-friendly
  • Posters
  • Explain to class about fruit waste in correct bins
  • Eco-reps
  • More recycling
  • Use of compost bin
  1. Raise money for charities
  • Red nose day
  • Children In Need
  • Sponsored events
  • Harvest
  • Collection at Christmas Performance
  1. Make our school welcoming
  • Improve school website
  • Pupil Voice section on website
  • Key Stage 2 children welcome parents in the morning
  • Show visitors around
  • Health and safety walk with governors
  • Show around new children
  • Smile