Woking Schools Confederation

Extended Services in and around schools – what is it?

It is a key way of delivering the Every Child Matters outcomes; an extended school works with the local authority, local providers and other schools to provide access to core offer of integrated services:

These will often be provided beyond the school day but not necessarily by teachers or on the school site.

What are the benefits?
There is evidence that extended services can help to:

  • improve pupil attainment, self-confidence, motivation and attendance;
  • reduce exclusion rates;
  • better enable teachers to focus on teaching and learning;
  • enhance children's and families' access to services

How is this being delivered in Woking?

In Woking, as in other parts of Surrey, schools are coming together to work to deliver the above. In Woking the umbrella organisation is the Woking Schools Confederation.

The Woking Schools Confederation is a confederation of all 33 schools and PRU’s in the Borough of Woking. This includes 4 secondary schools, 2 pupil referral units and 1 school for pupils with special educational needs. We are all working together to raise standards of achievement and attainment across the 3 - 19 age ranges through the “Extended Service in and around Schools” agenda as laid out by the Government.