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Year 6 Residential to Norfolk Lakes 2022

Monday 16th May - Friday 20th May

Friday 20th May - AM update

Good morning! Only a short post this morning to report that it was yet again another uneventful and quiet night here in Norfolk - unless you count Miss H's very dead arm in the middle of the night and Mrs Connors suffering from toothache.

The children have just had their final breakfast with many of them going back for cereal seconds. They are now packing away their final things and I can hear them struggling with fitting everything into suitcases and squashing sleeping bags back into their carry cases! 

This morning, Miss H's group have fencing and the low ropes activities. Mrs Connors's group is doing the climbing wall followed by the blind trail. Lastly, Mr Jackson's group is doing the blind trail followed by the low ropes. So we're all separate this morning but will join back together for lunch before going on the coach back home. 

As a reminder, please do not take your child home until you've checked in with Miss H for any quick messages or items to give back to you. We look forward to seeing you later!

Thursday 19th May - PM update

Good evening all! A few apologies to make: firstly, for not posting an AM update this morning and secondly for again posting so late. Despite being mainly land-based today, time seemed to escape us!

Yet again another uneventful night last night unless you include some heavy rain showers but no children knocked on the adults' doors. Miss H's apartment had the delightful awakening from Mrs Connors singing Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go which they were not much impressed by! Breakfast was the full fry up and hasn't changed all week but the children haven't grown tired of their meals and have enjoyed bacon sandwiches most mornings. They may be expecting the same service to continue at home!

Despite a good breakfast and a good night sleep, we had some tired children today so teamwork and communication proved even more of a challenge than usual. Lots of children showed their true levels of patience and kindness today! Despite this, they all have done really well with their activities.

In the morning, groups 7 and 8 (Mrs Connor's and Miss H's) enjoyed archery sessions. Turns out bullseye is not so easy to get! However, Mr Brophy and Mr Payne proved to be excellent at scoring high marks although not quite high enough to beat some of the children. Following this, Mrs Connors's group went bouldering whilst it was Miss H's group's turn to go crate stacking. Mr Jackson's group braved the lakes one last time on canoes today - this was truly testing as not only were they tired but the weather hasn't been as warm today so the water was a little chilly at 9am! 

Following a delicious lunch (chicken fajitas or fish fingers and chips), it was Mr Jackson's group to do the archery. Mrs Connors and Mr Jackson's group also had a chance at aeroball, which Miss H's group did earlier in the week. If they weren't tired before 90 minutes of trampolining then they were after! Mrs Connors group had a go at fencing and unfortunately Mr Brophy was targeted by going up against 3 children at once! Miss H's group did something completely different; they started off bouldering and seeing who was the quickest before moving onto the Blind Trail which was absolutely hilarious for the adults to watch! The children had tremendous fun and didn't once take off their blindfolds. 

After a very popular dinner (beef or chicken burgers with fries followed by jam donuts), Mr Jackson and Miss H's groups went rock climbing and showed tremendous upper body strength! Mrs Connor's group went onto the low ropes course and managed to beat the high score for the fastest time around the course! 

This evening, all the children packed up their suitcases. It's amazing how much mess they create over such a small amount of time despite daily room inspections! Miss H was particularly evil and only gave them 20 minutes to pack but miraculously they managed it. 

The children have been showing us lots of bruises today which have started to appear from across the week. The children have told us about bumps and bangs but with such physical activities they are likely to come home with one or two marks on them tomorrow! The children have been fantastic - we've had one or two wobbles of homesickness that have lasted no more than 5 minutes and that was only on the first night. Throughout the night, Miss H has only been woken up once and again it was on the first night. All children have eaten well at all meals and we've given lots of sweets, crisps and biscuits throughout the day to keep going. Miss H and Mrs Connors have only needed to give minor first aid for a couple of cuts and blisters. So all in all, without the risk of jinxing it tonight, all the children have been absolutely fantastic this week. They have made Miss H proud, they have made Kingfield proud but most importantly, they are proud of themselves. 

We aim to leave Norfolk at 1.30pm tomorrow after morning activities and lunch. We will have a couple of pit stops on the way back for toilets breaks. We hope for good traffic but the M25 on a Friday night with the forecasted weather may not go in our favour. The school will inform you when we are approximately 30 minutes away, hopefully around 6pm, so you can come and collect your children from school. Please do not take your child home until you've spoken to Miss H for any brief messages or updates. 

Wednesday 18th May - PM update

Good evening everyone and sorry for the delay in uploading today's post. We've had a fun-packed day, haven't had time until now! 

The children have loved having Mr Payne join them last night and he's been tremendous fun in football tournaments and swimming in the lakes... except when pushing Miss H in. Although, she's not sure which side the children were on... 

Miss H's and Mrs Connors's groups went kayaking this morning. In some ways it was more challenging that the canoeing as children went in individual kayaks so had to master skills quickly to get anywhere! However, this did mean that teamwork and communication were not skills to focus on so the child's level of success was completely down to them. Every child completely rose to the challenge. We were greeted with spectacular wildlife - many many dragonflies, mosquitoes, grasshoppers, geese, ducks and some freshly hatched cygnets! Whilst the children on the kayaks splashed each other to the point where they were drenched, Mr Jackson's group did some brain-challenging initiative exercises before going bouldering where they had some fantastic competitions. 

After a rather grown-up lunch (soup and salad and a sandwich - followed by crisps and sweets from Miss H and Mr Jackson), the children all took part in stand-up paddleboarding. Miss H wasn't too sure about that one and was definitely wobbly. However, Mr Burt was far too ambitious in the games and ended up being knocked off on several occasions! All the groups then moved onto raft building. This proved to be more challenging than expected - it took a little while for some of the teams to work together and communicate effectively but they all managed to make a raft in the end! Of course, as soon as Mr Payne and Miss H got onto their group's raft, there was a significant rise in the water level. In the end, they got shoved off and became the raft's motors. 

Dinner was less popular than yesterday but every child still ate really well. Choices between beef or vegetable curry, barbeque chicken or bangers and mash followed by raspberry ripple ice cream. A surprise room inspection followed and the children struggled to pass that one! The children had a bit of free time afterwards so a hair salon was erected by the girls' in the hallway of one apartment. The styles they gave some of the boys were rather interesting!

In the evening, I was so incredibly proud of all the children for braving the slightly chillier weather and embracing their final water activity (although Mr Jackson's group have one more tomorrow). The whole class went giant stand up paddleboarding! With 9 or 10 children on a paddleboard plus two adults, it was bound to end in disaster at some point... so the children bribed all the adults and all of the instructors and completely ganged up on poor Miss H and threw her in. Not once. Not twice. Not three times... a total of 5 times!! She'll seek revenge on some of those children tomorrow morning with a good wake-up call. 

It was a busy evening as all children needed a warm shower to warm up. Mr Jackson supplied more sweets and lots of running around. By 9.30pm all children were tucked up in bed and some were even asleep when Miss H went to say goodnight. 

Overall, today has been really testing for the children. It was physically demanding using a wide range of skills. It required excellent teamwork and communication. But above all, the children needed to be resilient and persevere when it got tough. Many children found it cold today but most braved the waters and kept going without too much complaining! We've had a couple of bumps and bruises but these were to be expected when you put 28 children in a lake with double ended paddles... most of the punches came Miss H's way anyway! Luckily, no one has been severely injured (although Miss H does seem to be milking her injury from Tuesday morning to get sympathy votes - she couldn't kneel on the paddleboards without it hurting). 

At the current time of writing, nearly 10pm, every child is fast asleep and we've heard no peep. I am thrilled to bits with how well they are doing and they've made me incredibly proud!

Wednesday 18th May - AM update

Good morning everyone! We are officially halfway through our residential now - time is flying so quickly! We have just arrived back from breakfast, cooked feasts all around! Some children even went up for toast and cereal as seconds. The teachers were really pleased last night; every child was fast asleep by 10.30pm and slept straight through until we woke them up around 6.40am this morning. Everyone is well-rested and ready for the day ahead! Miss H is currently threatening room inspections so the children are quickly tidying their belongings. 

Today, Miss H's and Mrs Connors's group have got water sports ALL day! The children are particularly excited about paddleboarding. We're starting the morning off with 3 hours of kayaking - here's hoping our arms don't ache too much from the canoeing yesterday. Mr Jackson's group have some dry activities this morning then join us in the water after lunch.

Please rest assured that all children are being perfectly behaved and doing us all so proud, conquering fears and stepping out of comfort zones regularly - we'll call parents as soon as we need to if any issues arise.

Enjoy the glorious sunshine in Woking and we'll fill you in on our adventures later!

Tuesday 17th May - PM update

Hello readers! We hope you're all well. Today has been amazing but definitely ready for bed now. 

Mr Jackson and Mr Burt's group started the day with some swift kayaking! Miss H's and Mrs Connors groups braved the lake in pairs developing some robust teamwork and communication skills to move a canoe in all different directions - preferably forwards! It was getting rather warm so it was only right that the children got dunked and splashed and went swimming! Although apprehensive at first, in the end almost everyone had a good go at sinking and capsizing the canoes. We only suffered one rather severe injury and surprise surprise, it was Miss H! She has now got a rather attractive bruise showing all colours of the rainbow. She's hoping for a miraculous quick recovery to get back in the water tomorrow. 

Following a filling lunch (pizza and chicken goujons!) the groups did some good work teamwork altogether on a particularly challenging scavenger hunt that even the adults had to work hard on. Big thanks to the adults for supplying all the children with chocolate, sweets and crisps to keep them going. 

Groups then split up: Mr Connors's group ventured on the crate stacking first. They showed brilliant resilience and determination! Mr Jackson's group went fencing and luckily no one suffered any battle wounds. Miss H's group went trampolining! 

There was lots of choices for dinner, most children went with southern fried chicken and chips. They particularly loved the chocolate fudge brownie after! This evening, it was Mr Jackson's group's turn to do the crate stacking whilst everyone else went off and did some serious brain-challenges. 

Tuesday 17th May - AM update

Good morning all! The weather here this morning is absolutely glorious - bright and sunny with warm forecasts ahead! We've had a good night's sleep, all children had lights out by 10pm and the last few fell asleep around 11pm. The teachers are well-rested and roaring to go!

We have a full English breakfast with a range of juices and toasts available for breakfast this morning. Then, groups 7 and 8 are off canoeing whilst group 9 is off kayaking for the morning. I think we will aim to improve our splashing skills and avoid capsizing in the process! After lunch, we have lots of dry activities planned. 

We will update today's page at the end of the day - we'll aim for some photos too! Check back later!

Monday 16th May - PM update

We made it!! After a fairly long journey and a short picnic lunch, we were thrown straight into our afternoon activities. The children loved splashing each other on the giant canoes! They did brilliantly for their first water sport activity and I was really proud! 

For dinner, children had the choice between meatballs or sweet and sour chicken. They all ate really well. They loved the ice cream for dessert!

This evening, the children did some orienteering. It was a true challenge of teamwork, map-reading skills and perseverance. Not easy after such a long day of travelling! They've enjoyed some down-time before bed with a couple of games of football and some chilling in bedrooms. 

Arrangements for Monday 16th May

  • Please arrive at school by 8.45am, usual registration time, and come straight to the school hall
  • The coach will leave at approximately 9.30am. Parents are welcome to wave us off!
  • The coach journey is approximately 4 hours. We'll stop for a picnic lunch en route, so please bring a packed lunch with you.
  • Put your packed lunch, water bottle and anything else you want on the coach into a small rucksack. All other suitcases, etc. will be unavailable until we get to the centre.
  • Remember to pack your sleeping bag, pillow and pillow case!

Tuesday 10th May

Hello and welcome to our residential page! We're officially halfway through our SATs week and only have 3 Maths papers left! The children are becoming increasingly excited about their trip away next week. This afternoon, a final reminder letter has been sent home with your children and a copy is attached in the file list below. I hope this acts as a helpful reminder with packing for the trip over the weekend.

We'll post daily updates on this webpage next week to keep the parents up to date on all of our exciting adventures. Stay tuned!

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