Maths at Kingfield Primary School


Welcome to Kingfield Primary School's maths page. Maths is an important part of the children's daily learning at Kingfield School, and we aim to help children apply the skills they learn with speed and accuracy, and to understand the applications of mathematical ideas in various situations in the home, classroom, school and local area.


Learning through inspiring and enjoyable lessons

Children at Kingfield School enjoy inspiring daily maths lessons. A time is set aside daily to develop and help children use number skills within which emphasis is placed on children developing and applying quick and efficient mental maths strategies. Through a range of equipment and a variety of practical activities the enjoyment of maths is encouraged.


The New National Curriculum

The National Curriculum sets out its maths attainment targets and programmes of study which we follow and integrate into the overall school plan. Below is a year-by-year guide of the learning objectives which the children will be working towards. Please note that weeks in which we teach these objectives are subject to change.


How can I help my child with their maths learning?

Please use this link to find videos on progression in multiplication, subtraction, number facts and place value:

Reception Mathematics Policy

Number and calculation Strategies in Reception

Calculation Policy (Active Learn)

KS1 Overview of Calculation

KS2 Overview of Calculation



Mathletics is a web-based maths resource which helps children to enjoy maths and improve their levels. The content covers National Curriculum for key stages 1 to 5, including number, multiplication and division facts, addition and subtraction, mental methods and data.



To get the most out of mathletics you can:

• Take an active role in your child's mathematics progress.

• Encourage your child to use Mathletics 3 to 5 times a week.

• Encourage a balance between the Full Curriculum section and Live Mathletics.

• Take time to work together with your child. The Support Centre in each activity will help show how to solve a particular problem.

• Encourage your child to do activities that challenge, rather than those he/she finds easy.

• If the Course is too difficult or too easy, then change to a more appropriate Course.

• Celebrate your child's successes. Print the Certificates out and put them on the fridge!


To log on follow this link:  

The children all have their own individual user name and password