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Nursery year to year 2.

Milk is free for children under five years old and for those entitled to free school dinners. After their fifth birthday you will be invited to pay for this each term. We are not able to give refunds for children's absence. More details are available from the office.


A modern dining hall is situated across the school playground. Innovate provide our dinners. The current cost is £2.20 per day.

Please book all meals via the Innovate website (click here for Innovate website)

If you receive benefits such as income support, please come to the office to check if you are entitled to free meals.


We do adminster medicines prescribed by a doctor, in school. Parents are asked to bring the medicine to the school office and  complete the necessary paperwork. In cases where regular medication is necessary e.g. for asthma, the medicine must be brought to the office and the office staff informed. NO medicines should be left in classrooms or in pockets or bags in the cloakroom. Most members of staff have a current first aid certificate to ensure adequate treatment of minor accidents. Serious accidents would be dealt with at hospital with parent's knowledge.


Please notify the office by 9.15 am on the first day of your child's absence from school as this information has to be recorded. In the case of infectious illness the school has to notify the Environmental Health Officer. The Government requires the publication of absences which have not been notified. This happens rarely but has to be recorded.

Sweets and toys

Sweets and toys are NOT allowed at all. If you would like to mark your child's birthday, a book for the class is always appreciated.


Children should not wear jewellery to school. In the interests of safety, the wearing of any jewellery, including earrings, is not permitted during PE lessons or other sports activities. Parents are asked that ear piercing should take place at the beginning of the summer holidays in order to avoid depriving their child of PE activities the following term.


Children's hair must be kept in simple, practical styles. No extreme styles are permitted at all. Girls' hair, if shoulder length or longer, must be tied back with  a plain blue hairband or with blue clips, every day.

Collecting your child

We do not allow under-18s to collect children from any class.