Tuesday 17th April - 9am - Kingfisher Class Maths Workshop - come and see how we learn multiplication and division....


Welcome to  Kingfisher Class  2017-2018

Summer Term! This is such a busy time for Kingfisher Class, please keep an eye on the class notice board for updates and information.

Wonderful   Woking!

We begin the summer term with our local history topic - Wonderful Woking!

We will look at the town today and learn about the development, growth and changes that have taken place. We will also consider how Woking might look in the future and how our local environment impacts on all of the residents - people and animals. We are also starting our science topic on plants which will continue throughout the summer term. We will be growing and studying plants, making close observational drawings and investigating germination. We would like to fill our classroom flower beds with plants to care for and study - so if you have any spare plants or seeds that can be donated, we will happily care for them.

General Information

The Kingfisher adults are - Mrs Wells, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Ehlers

PE days will be Tuesday and Friday.

Reading books can be changed daily.

Library books are changed on Thursdays.

Homework goes out on Thurdays, and can be returned any time in the week.



Homework: In Year Two, children need to read daily.  All children will have a reading book with suggestions how to further their understanding and decoding skills.  Please make time to share books with your child.  It is not always the best time to practice reading skills at bed time when children are tired - maybe try and make time in the morning or earlier in the evening.   It is also fantastic to read aloud to children - they will all have the opportunity to go to the library to choose a book each week.


On Thursday all children will bring home a task to do and return to school the following week.  This may be literacy, maths or topic based and should take about 20 minutes of concentrated work to do.  Often it will be to learn facts or spellings or prepare work for a presentation.  Please ensure your child brings the homework home and support them with time to complete it and a suitable environment.  If it is a written piece they can return it to school and put it in the designated tray as soon as it is completed.  Parents will have a chance to comment on homework during this term.


Kingfishers! Ask your parents if you can play the games on the BBC Bitesize website http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks1/ or ICT Games http://www.ictgames.com/ as they are lots of fun and will help with literacy and numeracy skills.


We  subscribe to ActiveLearn  - https://www.activelearnprimary.co.uk/login and there are maths challenges, reading books, phonics games and grammar activities available that are linked to your child's current learning. We will be allocating new games and tasks as your child moves through the year. It is just being set up now, but keep watching out for added activities.



Value of the Month

April - Wisdom

May - Beauty

June - Community

July - Participation



Remember at Kingfield:

We respect

  We take pride

   We take care.


To encourage children to become independent and effective learners we will be thinking about ways to show the 5Rs - resourcefulness, reflective thinking,reasoning, resilience and responsibility.  

The 5 Rs are encouraged through every lesson and activity during the school day and are linked to characters in Winnie the Pooh to enable the children to relate to and understand the vocabulary.