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Welcome to Swan Class 2017-2018!

Remember your Swimming kit on Thursdays!                   Please remember you need your P.E. kit in school every day.

FDates for your Diary


  • Friday 15th - Mufti Day for Shooting Star Chase Foundation
  • Monday 18th - Yr 3 & 4 District Sports Day
  • Tuesday 19th - Trip to WWF (bring water bottles)
  • Friday 22nd - Mufti Day for Summer Fayre (bring a bottle)


  • Sunday 1st - Summer Fayre
  • Tuesday 3rd - Move Up Morning
  • Friday 6th - Sports Day
  • Friday 13th - Reports go home
  • Friday 20th - last day of term, 2pm finish


  • Tuesday 4th - INSET Day
  • Wednesday 5th - First day of term

Please remember a water bottle, sun hat and sun cream in the warm weather!

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Topic:  Eco Warriors!

From now until the end of term, we will become Eco Warriors! We will be learning all about our planet and our local environments and how to protect them from manmade damage. We will learn lots about landfills and recycling and even use Wall-E to help us! Feel free to check out for some exciting games and activities to prepare you for our topic.

English:  Environmentally Friendly Leaflets

In English, we will be writing persuasive leaflets to encourage everyone to change their lifestyles and be more eco-friendly. We will be looking at persuading people to save electricity, recycle more, buy locally produced food, reduce the amount of water they use, or choose greener methods of travel. 

Maths:  Addition

We will next be looking at addition and transferring our knowledge of our number bonds and expanded column methods to teach us the compact column addition method.

As always, we will continue practising our times tables daily.  Whilst we encourage children to learn all their times tables, it is essential that children know their 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 times tables by the end of Year 3 to be ready for their learning in Year 4. To help with this, I recommend children logging onto with their own username and password. 

Use your unique ActiveLearn logon to practise some of our Maths: 

Science:  Healthy Eating

Continuing on the same theme, in Science we will be learning about how to keep our bodies safe. We have already started our eggciting, eggellent eggsperiment - why not ask someone in our class about it?! We will be incorporating this half term's D.T. topic into our Science lessons to help us design, make and evaluate healthy sandwiches! 

If you would like additional support or information about how to help your child with their learning, please speak to Miss Humphreys.  

Are you an expert in anything we are learning about?  Is there something you can show the children to help us?  Have you any stories or experiences in our topics?  Feel free to speak to Miss Humphreys and offer your expertise! 


Our Values 

In Swan Class, we know how important our values are.  Through Class Worship, assemblies and cross-curricular lessons, our values will be embedded into all aspects of our day-to-day learning, helping us to become the best that we can be. 

June's value is...


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 Our Golden Rules

We respect

We take care

We take pride.


The 5 Rs

To encourage children to become independent and effective learners, we will be thinking about ways to show the 5Rs - resourcefulness, reflective thinking, reasoning, resilience and responsibility. 


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Each child has an individual username and password to the website  The website is regularly updated with Maths games, books to read with HotSpot questions and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar games.  Please do allow your child some time regularly each week to go on this website and help them improve in school!  

Any questions or comments please come and find us!

Please remember that Miss Humphreys is unavailable in the mornings.  Please leave a message with the adults on duty or the office or speak to her at the end of the day. Thank you!

Class Teacher: Miss Humphreys

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Connors

LSAs:  Mrs Ehlers             
             Mrs Osbourne
             Mrs M

Recent Letters

Please ask the office for another copy of the letter if you have misplaced it.
By the end of the term, you should have received...

  • WWF Trip


The expectation in Year 3 is that the children...

  • Practise their weekly spelling list and the Year 3/4 Statutory spelling list regularly.
  • Practise their times tables regularly.
  • Read every day and record this in their Reading Records.
  • Complete one piece of homework a week, spending a minimum of 20 minutes concentrated time. 

One piece of homework will be given to the children on a Thursday and expected to be handed in the following Wednesday.  If it is not handed in on Wednesday, then they will have one day's grace and it will be due the following day.  If it is not submitted that day, children will be required to complete the missing homework during their break or lunch time.

Homework rotates between a topic-related piece of writing, a times tables activity, a spelling activity, and maths comprehension.  The children will have weekly spellings which they would benefit from working on at home.  Some longer pieces of homework may also be given, which is good practise for the children to manage their time and ensure good quality work is handed in.  House points are given!

Homework Tasks aim to:

  • · enable pupils to make maximum progress in their academic development;
  • · help pupils develop as independent learners;
  • · promote a dialogue between home and school in supporting each child‛s learning;
  • · enable the curriculum to be covered in sufficient depth and breadth;
  • · provide educational experiences in addition to those available in school;
  • · practice skills, consolidate and reinforce learning taught in school;
  • · help children develop good work habits for the future.


P.E. & Swimming

Swimming and P.E. lessons are outlined in the National Curriculum and are statutory lessons.  All children must participate in all lessons.  

Regarding swimming, the National Curriculum states that pupils should be able to:

  • swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of 25 metres. 
  • use a range of swimming strokes effectively
  • perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.


Library Days

Children are able to change their library books daily upon request first thing in the morning.  Once a week, they are given time during a Guided Reading session to change their books.  We expect children to have a book to read during Silent Reading sessions.