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Kingfield Primary School

'Be the best you can be'

     Puffin Class 2019-2020

Autumn 2

Toy Story

As we stride towards Christmas... too soon?

Toy Story is our topic for Autumn 2, 2019.

 A classic tale of individuals overcoming jealousy, resentment, fear of change and a lack of trust, to discover the power of diversity, teamwork and friendship. We use the story as a base for our Learning 4 Life and values discussions, and consider how we can be better friends to each other. We also use the theme of 'new' versus 'old' toys to think about toys of the past. How have they changed? Did our parents and grandparents have different toys? We will explore historical artefacts and compare 'old' and 'new'. We also look at the plot and characters of Toy Story and think about their qualities and personalities. Can we describe them? Can we think of traditional tales that follow a similar plot? This is a lovely topic to get us all thinking, talking, writing, drawing and creating!



 Our School Values 





These values will be our focus for the year.


Homework in Year One is to read, read, read - everyday if possible! 

Reading doesn't need to be just their school books, but signs, food packets, letters -

in fact, wherever you go together. Read everyday with your child, and read to them as often as you can.

Encourage them to change their books each morning as they come into school.


            For maths skills, practise recognising coins, spotting shapes in the environment,  remembering doubles to 10+10 and pairs that make 20,  as well as counting to 100.  

Lots of children are also enjoying writing letters and notes to friends and family.


Please sign in their books each time they read at home - they will earn more house points!

We aim to listen to the children read twice each week in groups and individually every fortnight or

more.  We constantly assess all the areas of reading that the children need to master. In year 1, it is

vital that children are reading with full and deep comprehension. They should be able to discuss

the book, in detail, and make predictions about what might happen. Children can read by simply

decoding the text, but sometimes do not engage with the text on a deeper level. When reading with

your child, we will make professional  judgments as to when they are ready to move to a new level,

based on decoding and comprehension skills. If they seem to be on a level for a while, and you are

concerned, please talk to us about it. However, we will be looking for secure reading before moving

through levels this year. By the end of Year 1, a secure reader will be on Orange or Green books.

Supplementing their breadth of reading with books from home and libraries enriches their learning

and their enjoyment.  Thank you!




Your child can access Bug Club reading activities by following the link to

 Each child's user name can be found in their Reading Record and the password is ppp.  School Code is wcvy.





P.E. always takes place on a Tuesday and Thursday, but children must have a kit in school each day.  We would recommend they have tracksuit bottoms to wear in the winter. 

Please ensure your child has the full appropriate kit in school, including footwear, to allow them to take part in every P.E. lesson.

Please also ensure all P.E. kit and uniform is clearly named.

Earrings must be removed at home.


Library Books

Puffin Class visit the library on Friday. Please ensure your child has their library book in school

on Friday to allow them to borrow a new book.