Robin Class

Below are photos of Robin Class enjoying their learning and our recent police day and carnival week! 

The staff in the Early Years Foundation Stage work as a team to ensure that everyone can...

"be the best that they can be!"


Nursery Staff:

Mrs Eustace - Class teacher (Mon-Weds)

Mrs Collins  - Class teacher (Thurs– Fri)

Mrs Carter – Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Menezes – Early Years Practitioner



What are we learning about in Robin Class?


This half term our topic is ‘We're off on a journey' and we will explore different forms of transport and travel to the beach, under the sea and meet pirates along the way! 

 Teaching and learning will be linked  to all seven areas of the curriculum; focusing on particular rhymes and stories which will be shared weekly (see links below).  


Please click on the link below to access the presentation from our Nursery Curriculum meeting held in September which gives examples of the Areas of Learning together with useful information.


Nursery Curriculum Meeting presentation


Through our topics we will also be using every opportunity to develop spiritual, moral, social, and cultural values- encouraging children to: explore beliefs and experiences; show respect for faiths, feelings and values; learn about themselves, others and the surrounding world; use imagination and creativity as well as  reflect.  

Please refer to the medium term planning below for more details.


 For long term planning please click on the link below:

For this term's planning and learning objectives  please click on the links below:

Summer Term - second half 

(Please note that these plans are 'a work in progress' which will be adapted as necessary in order to incorporate interests, specific events and the weather!) 


Each week the children will learn a rhyme linked to our topic. Please encourage them to practice singing the rhyme with you at home.

For this week's learning and weekly rhyme please click on the links below

Week 1 - Transport                         Rhyme: The wheels on the bus

Week 2 - Transport                         Rhyme: Buy a ticket 

Week 3 - Transport                         Rhyme: Row, row, row your boat

Week 4 - Under the Sea               Rhyme: The waves in the sea

Week 5 - The Seaside                     Rhyme: 5 tubs of ice cream

Week 6 - Pirates                               Rhyme:  The big ship sails

Week 7 - Shape                                Rhyme: Shapes

Please click on the link below for Robin Class Summer Term Curriculum letter


Summer Term curriculum letter

  • Letters and Sounds

In Nursery we follow the Letters and Sounds programme and we focus on phase 1.  This phase helps prepare the children for learning their alphabet sounds to be able to learn to read later on. It concentrates on developing children's careful listening skills. 

Try these fun letters and sounds activities with your child. Click on the text to access the activity or website.


  Rhyming soup         Action songs             Follow the sound          Describe and find it


Guess the Animal

Click here for the Letter Sounds in Jolly Phonics


Try these Maths activities with your child. Click on the text to access the activity or website.


Number challenge      Hide your teddy           Shape hunt

 Maths online activities 



Dates for the diary: 


Summer Term 2019


Monday 3rd June                     First day of term

Monday 8th July 1:45pm      Nursery sports afternoon

Wednesday 24th July             End of Term – finish 2pm




At Kingfield Primary School we focus on a value each month.

June: Community 

July: Participation


We will be teaching this value through opportunities as they arise: - using stories, songs, games, circle time, and other planned activities to encourage children to make good choices.


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