Kingfield Road, Woking, Surrey, GU22 9EQ

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Kingfield Primary School and Nursery

'Be the best you can be'


Headteacher David Jackson
Deputy Headteacher and Mathematics Leader

Catherine Whittington (maternity)

Louise Hammond (interim)

Early Years Foundation Stage Leader

Anne Whittingham

English Leader

Amy Humphreys

Inclusion, SEND  & Reading Recovery

Helen Sweeney
NurseryRobin Class  
Teacher   Rebecca Eustace & Bea Collins
Early Years Practitioners Vanessa Carter and Severine Menezes
Reception:  Blackbird Class    
Teacher     Anne Whittingham
Teaching Assistant 

Donna Pilott

Year 1:  Puffin Class  
Teacher  Ellie Withers
Teaching Assistant   Karen Wilson
Year 2:  Kingfisher Class  
Teachers  Laura Snapper 
Teaching Assistant  Steph Goldie
Year 3:  Swan Class  
Teacher   Cameron Payne
Teaching Assistant  Kim Donaldson
Year 4:  Peacock Class  
Teacher    Edwina Kitson & Katherine Simpson

Sally Connors

Year 5:  Falcon Class  

Sam Burt

Teaching Assistant  Emma Humphreys
Year 6: Golden Eagles
Teacher Amy Humphreys
TA Mel Randall
Yr 6 Intervention Teacher (Mon - Weds) Alan Shenton
Behaviour Lead (HLTA) Pauline Harward
Home School Link Worker Lisa Prior
SEND Administrator Nicky Oehl
Learning Support Assistants Anne Thain
  Rebecca Milam
  Yolanda Anze
  Sophie Whittingham
  Sheribane Jahiri
  Roula Allaham
Claire Edgar
Samia Muneeb


 Breakfast Club Manager Donna Pilott
 Breakfast Club Assistant Karen Wilson 
School Business Manager Danielle Buckett

Senior Office Assistant

Penny Bobbett

Office Assistants

Jacqui Watson
Helen Campbell
Catering Provider  Innovate
 Catering Assistant Nita Kakad