Pupils’ Belongings

Parents are requested not to let their children bring jewellery or other valuables to school. Insurance cover is not provided against loss, damage or theft of personal property of pupils and therefore, we cannot take responsibility for any such items.  Children often have to bring money to school; for example, money for school visits or for fund raising events etc. Parents are asked to ensure that the child has a safe place in which to keep such money.
Home-School Agreement
We have a Home-School Agreement, which is reviewed and shared with all parties at the beginning of each year and is added to pupils’ files for reference throughout the year.  It is produced as a contract between school, child and home.  We seek the positive support of parents in ensuring that children abide by the school’s policies and rules. 

Charging & Remissions Policy

In accordance with the Education Reform act, 1988, no charges will be made for activities taking place during the school day but the school is always grateful for any voluntary contributions which help to offset our expenses.  No child will be excluded from an activity because their parents are unable to contribute.  It must be pointed out, however, that if an activity cannot be funded without the voluntary contribution, then the activity will not take place.   The school reserves the right to make a charge for deliberate damage to school property or equipment. 


The governors would hope that most concerns would be dealt with by informal discussions with teachers or the Headteacher. 
If these attempts are not successful, the Headteacher would supply the relevant information and explain the arrangements for presenting a formal complaint to the Governing Body. 

Bad Weather 

The school will remain open whenever possible but the well-being and safety of pupils and staff will also be taken into account. 
Heavy Snowfall & Icy Conditions:
In the event of severe weather, we will endeavour to keep parents up-to-date with the latest information about our school through the following channels:
  • Updates will be posted on the school website
  • Text messages will be sent to parents whose mobile phone number is registered with the office
If, due to exceptional circumstances, the school needs to close early because of severe weather during the day, the following will happen:
  1. A text will be sent to parents.
  2. No child will be sent home early unless contact with a parent, relative or responsible adult has been made.
  3. Children who cannot be collected early will be kept at school until normal closing time.
N.B. Eagle Radio will broadcast complete lists of school closures.

Please click on the links below to read the policy, alternatively if you require a paper copy please contact the school office.